Friday 4 March 6pm St Mary's Barnes

Prelude — The Music of Bells 

Bells image.jpg



St Mary’s Barnes Bellringers,


presented by Trisha Hawkins and Wendy Archibald

Tickets £12

This event celebrates over 500 years that bells have been rung at St Mary’s.  Over that time, everyone has become used to the sound of church bells ringing but very few non-ringers will understand much of what they hear.  This presentation explains not only why the ‘Music of Bells’ differs from other music and how the music can become more complex as the ability of the ringer increases, but also how the patterns are restricted by the way the actual bells move. ‘Change ringing’, as it is known, was developed in this country in the 17th century when mechanical systems enabled bells to be swung through 360 degrees which allowed them to be controlled more accurately.  The bells will be rung and different types of music demonstrated.  Listening to the bells will be a very different experience after this.