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Saturday 4 March 7.30pm St Mary's Barnes
Opening Concert - Benjamin Grosvenor

Benjamin Grosvenor (credit Andrej Grilc).jpg


Benjamin Grosvenor, Piano


Tickets £30, £20





Bach-Busoni Chaconne


Schumann Fantasie


Ravel Tombeau de Couperin


Prokofiev Piano Sonata No. 7

Concert Patrons: Lord & Lady Patten of Barnes

In an electric programme only befitting the Opening Concert, Benjamin Grosvenor interprets our festival theme, the Musical Environment, with two distinct halves.

We begin with an environment of beauty and nature. Described as the “the chaconne to end all chaconnes” Busoni’s transcription of the Bach starts a single, seminal theme before evolving into a work of dazzling sonic beauty. Schumann’s Fantasie is one of his most passionate works – in a letter inscribed to Clara he wrote: “Resounding through all the notes, In the earth’s colourful dream, There sounds a faint long-drawn note, For the one who listens in secret.” 


By stark contrast the programme finishes with the most famous of Prokofiev’s ‘war’ piano sonatas – this angular and dissonant music here reflective of the most fascinating environments of music making in history.


British pianist Benjamin Grosvenor is internationally recognised for his sonorous lyricism and understated brilliance at the keyboard. His virtuosic interpretations are underpinned by a unique balance of technical mastery and intense musicality. Grosvenor has been heralded as one of the most important pianists to emerge from the UK in several decades. 

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