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Wednesday 15 March 1pm St Mary's
Organ Recital
Rachel Mahon (Coventry Cathedral)


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A selection of works by Buxtehude, Böhm, J. S. Bach, Willan, Mendelssohn, Togni, Brahms and Bales

Rachel Mahon is a Canadian organist who has served as Director of Music at Coventry Cathedral, England, since 2020, having previously held positions at Truro Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral and Chester Cathedral.



Rachel Mahon, Organ




Artistic output is shaped by the environment in which one grows and develops. This programme celebrates the connections and contexts of a variety of composers from two geographic areas, Europe and Canada, and from the German Baroque and French Classical to modernday Canada. The chorale prelude has been an inspiration to countless composers and is a common thread in this recital. Buxtehude’s and Böhm’s influence on Bach is well documented, and Mendelssohn is credited with revitalising interest in Bach in England, while Brahms was hugely influenced by the old German Masters and the forms they used. Alongside this dynastic line, there is a sampling of 20thcentury Canadian music including preludes based on plainsong and a well-known Lutheran chorale.


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